# About Us

# 1. About Lingnaam Jyutjam

Lingnaam Jyutjam 嶺南粵音 (literally "Phones of Yue Language in Lingnan") was founded in 2017, initially as a QQ group by fellows who shared a common interest of Yue language (opens new window), with the original intention to build a platform for Yue language studies lovers.

In the summer of 2018, Jyutdict 泛粤典 was prepared for construction and another group Jyutdict Editorial Board was subsequently established. In this case, the key members of Lingnaam Jyutjam could be defined as those in the group Jyutdict Editorial Board to contribute to the compilation of Jyutdict and furthermore, to the video production on Lingnaam Jyutjam Bilibili Account to a certain extent.

At present (2023), the key members of Lingnaam Jyutjam are mainly involved in the following subprojects (not for profit):

  • Compilation and building of an online dictionary platform for Pan-Cantonese words including pronunciations and meanings: Jyutdict
  • Videos making of fun facts about Yue: released on Bilibili (opens new window)
  • Research on the phonetics, phonology and romanization schemes of Yue varieties and the design of Jyutping++ (J++)
  • Collection of Yue language resources from all over the world

We have been organising our annual offline meeting and academic forum.

Special Note: As of January 3, 2023, Lingnaam Jyutjam Association has never collaborated with any other commercial or non-commercial organizations, nor has it issued any donation requests, except for ONE video (opens new window) with Dingding Hou Zeng 叮叮好正 on Bilibili. Please refer to official information (e.g. Trend on Bilibili (opens new window) or this website) to avoid being deceived.

# 2. Structure of the Association

In the date order of foundation:

  • Lingnaam Jyutjam
    • Lingnaam Orthography
    • Lingnaam Jyutjam Administration Group
    • Editorial Board for Cantonese Orthography Dictionary
    • Jyutdict Editorial Board
    • Feedback Group of Jyutdict
    • 鬱州 Wat1zau1 Sub-group
    • 潯州 Tham4zhau1 Sub-group
    • 欽州 Ham1zau1 Sub-group
    • Academic Presentation Preparation Group
    • 瀧州 Song1zau1 Sub-group
    • 莞深 Gun2-Sam1 (Dongguan-Shenzhen) Sub-group

# 3. Contact Us

This page may not be updated in time, please refer to the Cantonese version.

Contact us: [email protected]

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